Shemagh – The Ultimate Survival Tool And Survival Techniques – By Wesley Gorton

The Shemagh Is The Ultimate Everyday Carry – (EDC)

Dear Reader,

My name is Wesley Gorton. I am an enthusiast hiker, prepper and survivalist.

I truly believe that the Shemagh is the ultimate everyday carrying survival tool and is a must have for any hiker, bushman, survivalist, pilot, armed forces personnel or police official.

“Shemagh: The Ultimate Survival Tool And Survival Techniques” By Wesley Gorton, was created to open your mind to the possibilities of thinking outside the box. It was written so that you may create, find or catch anything you need to survive any worst case scenarios solely with the knowledge from this book and a Shemagh.

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The Shemagh can be used to keep you either warm or cold; to provide basic protection from all the elements. It is also instrumental in gathering, collecting and purifying water, for hunting, carrying and cooking food, creating traps, as well as for fashioning tools and weapons.

Additionally it can be used to start a fire and is potentially vital in medical emergencies: creating slings, arm and leg splints, sewing up wounds, as a tourniquet or pressure bandage and even for stretchers). It can be used in the creation of shelters, for self-defence and can be utilised as a signalling tool for rescue.

Unlike other survival tools, (such as a knife) one of the most appealing things about the Shemagh is that it is not illegal to carry it, in fact it can be worn anywhere at any time. For this reason, it is one of the most versatile survival tools you could ever have.

I have covered a virtually limitless number of uses for the Shemagh in survival situations by thinking outside the box and creating or finding whatever you may need in survival situation. I have also provided invaluable information that may be critical in surviving difficult and treacherous situations.

In regards to the Shemagh however, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy said it best: “The only thing you will ever need to survive anything the universe throws at you is a towel,” aka a Shemagh.

I hope you find this book useful in many ways, but above all remember you must have the will and conviction to do whatever it takes to survive.

Kind Regards

Wesley Gorton